Jan. 11th, 2012

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General Info
First off, all the prompts are coming from the super awesome tumblr Sex is not the enemy, and that is the inspiration for this ficathon in the first place.

How it works
As for how it works, you comment here with the info I ask for below, and in return, I'll provide you an image prompt from the Sex is Not the Enemy tumblr. You will then write a story of at least 500 words inspired by the image and post it on your LJ/Dreamwidth/AO3/website and leave a link here in a comment. (If you wish, once you have completed your story, you may ask for another prompt.) On Feb 13 I will collect everyone's completed prompts and create a master list.

You can write your prompt in any fandom that you wish, including original fiction. I do ask that you keep the genders the same as in the original image ie: if you receive an image of a woman riding a man, you write a story with a woman and a man in it. However, feel free to swap the roles/positions at will ie: the man is riding the woman wearing a strap on.

Sign ups will be open from now until Feb. 13th, and you can post your responses until the 13th as well if you wish to be included in the master post that goes up on the 14th. If you don't make it by then, well I'd still love to see what you come up with and you can link your finished story here at any post and I'll update the master post as fic comes in. This is very much a no harm, no foul ficathon. ;)

Sign ups
Still interested? Copy and Paste this into your comment below; delete anything that you aren't interested in writing.

If you change your mind after you have written a prompt, then you can sign up again with a new comment.

Participants: Solo - Two - Threesome - Group Sex
Sex: Male - Female - Male/Male - Male/Female - Female/Female - Male/Male/Female - Female/Female/Male - Male/Male/Male - Female/Female/Female - Male group - Female group - Mixed group
Nudity: No Nudity - Implied Nudity - Some Nudity - Full Nudity
Level of Intimacy: Bodily contact - Kissing - Implied sex - Full sex

Any quetions? Ask them below and I'll do my best to figure out an answer for you *grin*

Oh, and please feel free to spread the word on this one, I think the more people that play the more fun for all of us

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Wow, Day 11 of the Snowflake Challenge already!

Todays challenge:

In your own space, ask for recs. Something as simple as "I like XYZ (where XYZ is a kink, a pairing, a trope, etc) - please rec me some

I've done this a couple times, but I'm gonna lump everything together in one post for today.

Things/tropes I like:
- angst (preferably with a happy ending, but I am totally ok with not)
- hurt comfort
- AUs (most especially werewolf/panther/whatever creature, hookers, FBI, RomCom - not huge on vampires or high school since I have kind of burned out on them, but again if they are great, I'll give them a try... really any well written AU is golden)
- fusions (take characters from X fandom and put them in the world of Y show/movie/book/etc)
- case file
- long fic

Things I am not a fan of:
- schmoop/fluffy fic
- crack
- mpreg

I'm good with any rating, and in case it hasn't been made obvious before, any variation on pairing : Het, Slash, Poly, I want them all.  

Fandoms I currently read:
- Kane RPS
- Star Trek/RPS (mostly Nu!Trek but I love TOS as well)
- Inception
- X-Men: First Class
- Avengers movie verse as well as Marvel comics
- Hawaii 5-0 (new tv series)
- Bandom (MCR, FOB, PatD)
- Glamdom/Adam Lambert
- Iron Man (mostly movie verse) 
- Thor (mostly move verse)
- The Losers (movie or comics)

So yeah.. there you go.  Rec me anything and I'll love you forever :)  

OH! Edited to add... I'm happy to read on LJ or Dreamwidth.  Also, anyone know of a good Bandom centric newsletter like SPN and Trek have?  Or a rec comm like Crack_Impala or CrackEnterprise?

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