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It's not nearly enough, but I wanted to share some pretty today with you, my darlings. I hope your day is filled with beautiful things and people who love you - regardless of whether you have a "Valentine" or just friends and family who let you know how much you mean to them. And if you are reading this, then know that I definately all into the second category for you.

And now for the pretty.... )
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Sadly these are the last pics of the Summer of Kane.

Again, using my little point and shoot Coolpix, but actually got some decent shots.

Large-ish pics below cut, lots of them. Have a teaser:

Boys of summer... )
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Yes, I know, I am leaving tomorrow to go to the final Kane show of the summer and I am just now posting my pics. I suck at life sometimes. :)

Anyways, I'm not gonna do a review since it has been covered by others and I'm technically at work and posting on my lunch to begin, so I won't have enough time to write much more than captions. But I figure its a good way to get me (even more) psyched up for the show this weekend and gives people some new pretty to look at to tide them over. ::grin::


Here be pretty, pretty things... )
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Ok, so I already posted my review, and now I finally made it through my pics and did some editing to make them as pretty as I could. Most of these are reddish, some are completely red... I color corrected as best I could, but those damn lights at Dante's just killed me.

Also, be aware that there are somewhere around 40 pics below the cut, most of them around 800x600 or somewhere in that neighborhood. So yeah, IMAGE HEAVY!


A teaser pic...

Let me go... take me with you baby... )

There are a few more that I didn't post here on my Flickr account. Or you can just skip this entry and view them there.
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Have to go into the office today for a few meetings... god I had forgotten how horrible it is to get up this early in the morning.  4am is a time to just be getting to bed, not a time to be waking up.

Couple random things to mention today... first of which is that thre are just about 12 hours or so left on the bidding over at Sweet Charity.  If you don't want to bid on me, there are a ton of other wonderful people selling their wicked mad skillz and offering everything from fic and graphics to knitted items and even podcasts. 

Also I got the call from my doctors office and I go in for my bone scan on friday morning.  I'm relieved to have at least one medical issue hopefully cleared up soon, but I can't lie, I'm still a bit freaked out over the whole thing.  Oh well, maybe I'll get a bad batch of radioactive dye and turn into the amazing Spider woman? ::sigh::  Any good vibes you can spare would be appreciated. 

Finally, I got my garden planted this weekend for my balcony!  Its the tiniest balcony ever, but it fills my heart with joy.  I have 2 boxes of herbs, a hanging pot full of flowers and a thing of lantana that I am thinking I want to do something crazy with like turn into a hanging pot as well and then prune and shape into some fun trailing piece as it grows (its normaly a huge bush that takes over your yard.) 


More random garden pics under here )
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So for whatever reason I was wide awake at 4am this morning. I know, right?? (Altho I did have this amazingly vivid dream last night... someone might be getting some vampire erotica soon, I'm just sayin...)

Anyways... Since there was no going back to sleep, I got up and started watching the Olympics from last night on the Tivo since there was a wicked storm here that prevented me from watching them last night. As I'm watching, there was a weather advisory scrolling across the bottom of the screen that had me laughing my ass off, and I had to grab a pic to share. :)


Its so simple! Turn around, don't drown! Why doesn't everyone think of that?? ::grin:: Now in their defense they were talking about idiots driving into flooded washes, but still, it amused me greatly.

The rest of this post is pictures of me having a good hair day and spiffy shoes )

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