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So my happiness meme has been missing the past few days, mostly due to the part where a nasty migraine came in and decided to make me it's bitch. I have spent most of the past day and a half to two days either curled up in a ball praying for oblivion or hunched over the toilet throwing up anything I stupidly tried to eat or drink.

I'm at work today, my head is not happy about this, but its deadline tomorrow and the world doesn't stop just because I want to. Keeping a steady stream of caffeine in my blood stream makes things slightly more bearable, but really, I just want a quiet and dark corner where I can hide.

I will continue the meme either later today or tomorrow, depending on how the pain goes, but wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive.
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So I kind of forgot to post this yesterday, lol.

Yesterday's happy - going to lunch with Neil for sushi and laughing our asses off all lunch long. From the pic of Legolas (complete with fake ivy leaves winding up the mirror) in the girls bathroom (apparently the boys had a pic of Will Smith from Wild Wild West in it,) to the enormous amount of sushi we consumed... it was a fantastic 2 hours. Forgot about everything for a bit and just laughed and hung out with a dear friend.

Today's happy - I can walk without crutches!! My foot no longer does that highly unsettling thing where it feels like it is pulling away from my leg bone, and when I attempted hobbling around this morning without the crutches, I was actually able to put some weight on it. Still wrapped and hurts like a mother, but no more crutches! \o/
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Just a quick drive by this morning...

8 days until the end of tax season. Possibly the eight longest days of my life... but 8 days none the less. And the light at the end of the tunnel? A Kane show in PDX with [livejournal.com profile] amara_m and [livejournal.com profile] canadiangoddess and any other fangirls we wrangle along with us.

Yesterday I managed to lose a fight with the stairs in my apartment complex that resulted in a rather spectacular sprained ankle. Everything is fine, I'll just be hobbling around on crutches for a few days. Damn weak ankle has been plaguing me since high school, I'm surprised I haven't broken it yet, lol.

Looks like work will be sending me to our Plano office the first week of May, which makes me all kinds of happy because I am going to totally work in a visit to [livejournal.com profile] havenward and David while I'm there.

Oh, and there are also Kane tickets in my name for the May show... but no airfare for that one yet.

And that is my life currently. Now I need to grab my crutches and start the task of getting ready to go into work.
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Just a quick babble tonight. May's madness is finally over and hopefully life will settle back down into something approaching normal. Work is busy and I lose my brain on a regular basis but love it. One week to go to Portland and I am counting the minutes.

I owe so many people stories its not even funny... but hopefully soon. I promise. (And I might be tempted to sign up for the RPS BigBang with an angst filled JDM/Kane story in mind... one more day of sign ups and I'm trying to come up with reasons why I shouldn't but it could go either way at this point. /o\)

I am starting to feel healthy again, altho thats pretty much not even close to true. My foot is still borked and I have to call and nag my Dr again this week to find out what we can do next to figure out why. The platelet issues are being dealt with by a hematolagist and I apparently have a slightly enlarged spleen to figure out... And then there is the whole GI issue from the ER to be dealt with (waiting to get in to see a GI specialist for an esophageal scope, yay.) But I feel less freaked out, and aside from the need to sleep 12 hours a day (which I am putting down to doing too much and having blood draws every other week when I already have chronic low blood pressure,) I feel more in control of my body.

Starting to plan going out to St Louis to see Brandon graduate from the Marines in mid July. And my trip to Denver in Oct for WinCon. Lots of little trips this year is making Lisa a happy girl. I made a pact with Vicky that we are going to Europe in 2011, so I have to start thinking about and planning for that soonish. And someone keeps tempting me with the idea of us all taking a cruise to the Bahamas... at $400 all inclusive, the only thing keeping me from saying yes is that it is right in the middle of tax season.

And thats pretty much it for me right now. How are you all doing?
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AKA: 36 hours in the hospital and all I have to show for it is an armfull of bruises.

So it all started on friday morning around 9am, I was working and started to get a little heartburn. Annoying, esp since I hadn't eaten or drank anything yet that morning, but I've been having issues with heartburn the past 2 weeks, so I just popped a few Tums and went on with things as normal. Until about 15 min later when the heartburn was so intense I thought I was going to pass out. Seriously, I haven't felt pain this bad since I had my gallstones. Felt like a burning hot ember in the middle of my chest and the waves of pain coming off it were expanding into my back, shoulders and neck. Since I was working at home, I took a break and went and laid down for a few minutes hoping that would help as I chewed half a pack of Tums, but no luck. Half an hour later the pain hadn't abated any and I was literally in tears, so I gave in and told my co-workers I was going to the ER. Drove myself to the hospital (yes, I realize that was stupid now, but at the time it seemed a perfectly rational thing to do) and asked to be seen.

Soon as I tell them what is going on, they hustle me back and start attaching wires to my chest and I'm like whoa, what are you doing? They tell me they want to make sure I am not having a heart attack. Umm, what? Shut up and lie still please. EKG comes back clean and I'm all, see I told you... its my stomach not my heart. Either way they get me triaged fairly quickly, give me a basin to throw up in (mmm, stomach acids, yummy. not) and send me back to one of the ER bays. Dr comes over and explains that they are going to check for both heart and stomach causes of the pain because it could be either and I am just going to have to deal. They draw blood, hook me up to a heart monitor and start testing everything.

About 8 hours later I still have the pain, its lessened somewhat, but I am being admitted to the ICU for overnight observation. They run a complete workup on my heart to make sure it is good, determine that no, I did not have a heart attack (which hello, I manintained from the beginning,) that the chemical stress test shows I have a very healthy heart with no signs of heart disease and eventually release me saying it was most likely an esophageal spasm that caused the pain and I need to follow up with my primary care doctor.

And so now I'm home, safe and sound. I have a lingering headache from the various meds they gave me in the ER, you can see part of it below, my right arm is a mess of bruises from the blood pressure cuff and them drawing blood for tests every 2-3 hours, and I am tired as hell. ::sigh:: Next?

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Have to go into the office today for a few meetings... god I had forgotten how horrible it is to get up this early in the morning.  4am is a time to just be getting to bed, not a time to be waking up.

Couple random things to mention today... first of which is that thre are just about 12 hours or so left on the bidding over at Sweet Charity.  If you don't want to bid on me, there are a ton of other wonderful people selling their wicked mad skillz and offering everything from fic and graphics to knitted items and even podcasts. 

Also I got the call from my doctors office and I go in for my bone scan on friday morning.  I'm relieved to have at least one medical issue hopefully cleared up soon, but I can't lie, I'm still a bit freaked out over the whole thing.  Oh well, maybe I'll get a bad batch of radioactive dye and turn into the amazing Spider woman? ::sigh::  Any good vibes you can spare would be appreciated. 

Finally, I got my garden planted this weekend for my balcony!  Its the tiniest balcony ever, but it fills my heart with joy.  I have 2 boxes of herbs, a hanging pot full of flowers and a thing of lantana that I am thinking I want to do something crazy with like turn into a hanging pot as well and then prune and shape into some fun trailing piece as it grows (its normaly a huge bush that takes over your yard.) 


More random garden pics under here )
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So yeah, this week? Not my friend. Found out on Monday morning I didn't get the position I had applied for, and the day just kept getting worse from there. How bad, you ask?

This bad:


Yep, sprain from hell, crutches because putting any weight on that leg causes extreme nausea, would like to die now.


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