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Man I love three day weekends! Why can't we have them all the time? Not that I did anything extraordinary or anything, but still.

Matter of fact, I woke up with a migraine this morning and spent a good portion of the day sleeping. It wasn't one of the killer ones, I know it's from being stressed about going back to the phones tomorrow for two weeks, still kind of killed my plans for doing some cleaning today though.

Just 10 days until I fly to Vegas for the Kane show. How is it that this is only my second Kane concert for the year? *shaking my head* Something is wrong in the universe, lol. It'll be another quick in and out trip, the big Vegas vacation won't be until my birthday in November, but it will be good to see people I haven't in awhile.

As for what I did do this weekend... I mostly read and treated myself to the movies. I saw The Help (very good, had me, my mom and my sister all sobbing in the theatre,) and I also caught Don't Be Afraid of the Dark last week. Very Guillermo del Toro. Altho I have to admit I spent a large part of the movie worried about the little girl because Pan's Labyrinth scarred me for life *laugh* (I love Pan's Labyrinth just for the record, but between the creepy monster that ate fairies and the ending... yeah, scarred.)

Bookwise... I reread Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince trilogy this weekend. Man I love that world. And I've finally started reading the latest George R.R. Martin, A Dance of Dragons. I bought it on the day it came out but wasn't quite ready to start in on it until now. (I love A Song of Ice and Fire as a series, but man it can be depressing and it's not a fast and/or uninvolved read.)

And pretty much that is all I have to babble about right now. I think I'm going to end my weekend by checking out the first episode of Lost Girl, lots of people on my flist seem to like it, so we'll see how it goes.
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Another book round up... I kind of suck at keeping track of these things, lol.

I am a huge Patricia Briggs fan and after reading her latest Mercy Thompson book, I decided to try her Alpha and Omega series. There are only 2 books in the series so far, Cry Wolf and Hunting Ground, but I enjoyed both of them quite a bit. They were quick reads, approx 300 pages each, but they were very satisfying. More background info on the world Briggs has created for her books and more pack mentality info as well. I highly recommend them for anyone who is a fan of the Mercy Thompson books.

I also read another of the JD Robb mysteries, but damned if I can remember which one... serial killer who is attacking the families of people who had convicted his father? Dunno. I picked it up at the airport because my ipod was dead and finished and left it at the next airport i had a layover in. Typical JD Robb, nothing new or exciting but sometimes its nice to just lose yourself in familiar characters.

A friend of mine asked me to read the Vampire Academy books by Richelle Mead because her teenage daughter is reading them. Vicky is worried about what they might contain given the recent Twilight bruhaha, but can't handle vampire stories, so she gave me the $$ and I bought them on my Kindle app. I've made my way thru the first 4 (Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, and Blood Promise,) and am currently half way thru the 5th (Spirit Bound.) Short babbles about the series here )

Lets see, what else... oh, I have been loving Urban Fantasy again lately, so I read Rosemary and Rue and it's sequel A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire. Nice return to fae living in our world, and I enjoyed the take on loyalty to one's leige and the faerie courts.

Stumbled on Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey and absolutely LOVED it. Another YA book technically, but the heroine is fantastic. She describes herself having a slight belly and bemoans her lack of boobs, she doesn't feel beautiful, and it doesn't ruin her world that she isn't. What she is is smart and stubborn and more than a little kick ass. The book also makes use of Maori legends and its wonderful to see people branch out from the usual handful of myths and legends tht get used over and over again.

And finally, I just finished Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Human girl taken in and raised by a werewolf pack after her family is killed by a rabid were. GREAT pack hierarchy and use of the differences between humans and wolves. I loved this book and so didn't want it to end. I will definately be keeping an eye out for more by this author. (Yes, another YA book, but honestly it reads older than that.)

I have found that my Kindle app has let me read a lot more than I would be able to otherwise. Work has been crazy busy lately and I haven't been to the bookstore in forever. But with the Kindle app, I can just grab my iPod, hit the Kindle store and then be reading in a matter of minutes. Someday I may actually upgrade to a full Kindle, but for now the iPod app is perfect for me, if a bit dangerous for my bank account. :grin:

Also? I love the sample chapters offered for most Kindle books... currently have samples for Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey, Death's Daugher by Amber Benson, Riding the Rap by Elmore Leonard and Skinwalker by Faith Hunter.
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Home sick this morning with a minor bout of food poisoning, yay. Realized that I haven't updated the books I've read for awhile and figured I may as well while I'm killing time.

So first off... Pandemonium by Daryl Gregory. Cut because I realized this ran much longer than originally anciticpated. )

Next up was Patricia Briggs' Silver Borne, which is the latest novel in her Mercy Thompson series. Short story is I liked it, a bit of non-spoilery ramble here. )

I've been waiting to read the next Kim Harrison book, Black Magic Sanction for months now, and as soon as I got it in my hot little hands, I was off... I might have stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to finish this one. :shifty eyes: And oh, but was it worth it! Non spoilery bits below here )

I also read two Robert Crais novels... The Watchman and The First Rule both of which are Joe Pike novels. I love the Elive Cole books, and was wary about the Joe Pike spin offs, but I think I am over that now. )

And finally I just finished the latest Dresden novel by Jim Butcher, Changes. And honestly, that one is going to take an entry all of its own. I loved it. I think that Butcher has taken the books to a whole new level, and I have some thinky thoughts about the whole thing, but honestly? I'm still digesting and trying to get past the ending. Which btw? OMFG!! Yeah, this one will get another entry in a day or two. But hie to the nearest bookstore and grab this one if you are at all interested in the series. It will blow your mind.

So there you go... 6 books in prolly about 3 weeks. Not anywhere near my usual rate of consumption but tax season is hard and thankfully also over, so my free time will now go back to allowing me to read more.

I am still about halfway through The Killing Floor by Lee Child. Really liking it, but I got sucked into Justified on tv and the two don't play nice in my brain so it is on hold for a bit. I also have 2 Jeff Somers techno-thrillers and Plague of the Dead (cause I love me some zombies) that I borrowed from a friend. And one of these days I'll take a picture of the stack of books waiting to be read...
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I did say I was going to try and be better about it this year... ::grin::

The movie was Daybreakers and I went into it basically with the attitude of "Sam Neill as an evil vampire=squee!" and just based on that alone, I enjoyed it highly. I also loved the return to the classic vampire mythos of burning in the sun, being unable to see their reflections in mirrors and the whole bat thing. It did have some interesting moral issues, but for the most part it didn't try to be anything more than an entertaining movie, and I really appreciated that. Some spoilery bits about the movie itself )

First book finished was Diana Gabaldon's "An Echo in the Bone," which I've been working my way through for about a month and a half now.

(Ok, so I had been waiting for this book for years, literally. And my first thought? OMG its frickin' HUGE. Clocking in at over 800 pages and weighing 2.7 pounds according to Amazon, this thing is a personal protection device. It was actually a bit hard to read as it was so heavy and unwieldy. ANYWAYS.)

I am absolutely in love with the Outlander series, and the epic love story of Jaime and Claire still holds my attention like nothing else. But I admit, a big part of the reason it took me so long to read was that by halfway through the book, I found myself skimming over sections that didn't seem to be particularly relevant. I understand that there is a large supporting cast, but I don't really want to read about Lord John or the various and sundry crazy villians and other ridge folk and I honestly don't feel like by skipping them that I am missing out on anything. There is PLENTY of story with just Jaime, Claire, Fergus and his family, Ian and Rollo, Brianna and Roger, and the entire Lallybroch clan... please focus on them and give us a tighter story that doesn't leave bruises if you drop it on your foot. (I'm not even kidding about that one btw.) I would get tired of skimming page after page just in case it would be germane to the story later, so I would end up putting the book down for a few days or weeks until I was ready to go back to it.

And on to the spoilers... )

The other book was Laurell K. Hamilton's "Divine Misdemeanors" which is the 7th? 8th? book in her Merry Gentry series.

I first came to LKH via her Anita Blake novels, and I couldn't get enough of them at first. She kind of jumped the rails on that series awhile back though, and I've been watching to see if she will veer off onto the same path with this one. She is kind of riding the line so far, but somehow I still read her when I see a new book out, lol. Nothing particularly spoilery to say about this book specifically, but I will say that I feel her writing is much better when she has a specific focus/foe and isn't allowed to just write massive amounts of thinly veiled Mary Sue orgies and wander around aimlessly. In the Merry Gentry series, the struggles between the two fae courts and Meredith's fight for her life were the strongest of the series in my opinion.
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I've seen a lot of people on my flist talking about how many books they read/movies they watched/etc in 2009 and while I have absolutely no idea about how many movies I saw.. a quick look at my Amazon history tells me that I read at least 18 books, and I can think of another 4 or 5 off the top of my head that I bought at a brick and mortar store here in town.

And so this year I'm going to try and be a bit more conscientious about keeping track of what I read and what I watch, if for nothing more than my own amusement.

Sherlock Holmes (not spoiler-y and my current pile of books at my bedside )

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