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Holy cow, it has been forever since I posted here.  Ouch.

Uh, so Hi :D  I'm still around.  Been one of those years where time just kind of slips by.  Lots happened, mostly good, some pretty bad.  But I'm still here, and I guess that is the important one.

So yeah... I'm going to try and update this more often.  I have been sucked into the pretty that is Tumblr, but I find myself missing the conversations more and more, so hopefully I can get back into that here.

Fannishly, I've been sucked into Hockey (the actual game as well as the fandom) and that is pretty much taking up a large portion of my life right now.  I am stupid excited for the start of the regular season and have tickets to see the Coyotes several times already.  I'm also enjoying Sleepy Hollow and Blacklist on my tv.  Looking forward to Almost Human, and really just all the tv back.
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Cari is EVIL.



Also? It's all her fault.
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You know that Eddie Izzard skit where he is talking about the differences between American and Foreign movies? The one with Sebastian in the attic with the matches and "Perhaps I better had." And then there is the American version, to whit:

It would be a Room with a View of HELL!
Staircase of SATAN!
Pond of DEATH!

"What are ya doin' with the fuckin' matches! Always in here with the fuckin' matches!"

"Hey, shut up! Hey, you fuck my wife? You fuck my wife? You fuck my wife?"

"I *am* your wife."

"Don't matter! Don't matter! You fuck my wife?"

"Yes, I fucked your wife. I am your wife and I fucked her"

"Ahhhh... Oh no! Space Monkeys are attacking!"

"Jeanne, I love you, even though you fucked my wife."

/Everyone dies in a ball of flame, sad and alone/

That is what my life is like right now. Except it's not funny at all. And in fact I kind of want to cry as I sit here metaphorically shouting "I *am* your wife" over and over but no one listens.

Yes, I realize this makes sense to exactly no one but me.

Fuck my life.
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Ok, I'm totally supposed to be going to bed, but I was checking the interwebs one last time before I went to sleep and I saw a tweet from Tommy Joe Ratliff that said "Next time I'll be in this pic with them!" and so I had to click. And what did I see?

Marilyn Manson hugging Nick Rhodes. Marilyn Manson. HUGGING. Nick Rhodes. And Tommy wants to be part of it.

Now do you see? This is like the shorthand version of why this fandom was tailor made for me. *grin* Duran Duran to Marilyn Manson to Adam Lambert to Tommy Joe Ratliff. And all the connections in between.

Also? DAYYYYYYUM Nick Rhodes has aged well. I'm just sayin. I was always more of a John or Roger girl... but Nick? Still gorgeous.

Ok, bed now... really.

Clicky if you want to see the pic... )
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You may or may not have heard, but Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz) was shot this morning as she was holding a "Congress on Your Corner" event this morning at a local grocery store here in Tucson. She is currently recovering from surgery, the shot went through her brain, so no idea what kind of recovery she will have, but she will live.

She was just a woman doing her job, talking to people and trying to make the world a better place as best she knew how, but someone thought that the best way to deal with her was to shoot her? And in the process, another 11 completely innocent people. Including a 9 year old child, who later died at the hospital.


I keep cycling between outrage and shock and horror and pure fury. How does your brain think that SHOOTING someone is the way to solve ANYTHING?

I don't understand.
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So I have to start off by saying this is all [livejournal.com profile] caarirose's fault. There I was, living a normal innocent boring a totally glitter free life and she had to ruin it all by sending me videos of pretty boys making out on stage. *grin*

And once I saw the pretty, I wanted more... which she evil-y kept providing. And the next thing I know? I am collecting pics and joining comms and making icons... the road to hell is paved with glitter and sparkles my dears, don't let anyone tell you differently. ;)

So, uh... yeah... 35 icons of my latest obsession...

001 002 003

...no escaping when I start... )

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