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Ok, this is a fan-ish mishmash of things, you have been warned.  

First off... Dear Justified, there are no words to express how happy I am to have you back on my tv.  Art and his Marshall stiffie, Tim and his razor sharp sarcasm, Raylan and his everything.  It is my happy place.  And Boyd?  Please pontificate some more,becaus damn.  

Just saw this on Tumblr and I am not sure what to think about it.  But Fallout Boy are scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel on Feb 13.  Or at least that is what his guest lineup says.  (http://www.interbridge.com/lineups.html#JKL)  And yeah.  After all the Keltie BS I figured it was just another attempt to get the fans riled up, but... Jimmy Kimmel.  And I am so afraid to believe it until Pete or Patrick confirm it, but dear gods, please.  After everything Bandom has been through lately, please.  *flails*

Both Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness are killing me regularly AND THEY DON"T EVEN COME OUT UNTIL MAY.  The latest IM3 poster triggered a massive capslock texting frenzy and an interview with JJ about Trek caused actual trouble keeping my shit intact.  Must figure out how to be near fangirls when these come out.  I am not entirely sure we will get out of May alive.

White Collar.  OH EL,  Putting the rest under a cut because I don't want to spoil you. )

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