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So I'm trying not to whine about my job, I really am. But today is one of those days where I am *this* close to tears or just throwing my headset across the room and screaming FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK at the top of my lungs. Neither of which will actually get me anywhere.

So I am turning to you dear flist... share something pretty with me? A pic or a link or a snippet of something... anything to get my mind off the fact that I am in hell.

In return I'll share this Tom Hardy interview with you in which he is adorable beyond belief and makes me want to watch him giggle forever and ever...


Dec. 16th, 2010 08:42 pm
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I'm praying its a clerical error, but really Universe? The week before Christmas you throw this shit at me? *sigh* And here I am all frustrated and freaking out and there isn't a damn thing I can do until morning except curse and worry and pray that things can be straightened out easily.

*throws things and wishes could have temper tantrum like a little kid*


Jul. 13th, 2009 07:07 pm
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So this weekend was amazing. And there will be a (most likely huge) write up on it soonish.

But right now? I'm very much in fuck my life mode.

Woke up this morning after 3 hours sleep, barely made my flight at the airport. Amara misses hers completely. Portland airport made of fail this morning (which to be fair last time I had no problems but Monday morning? not the best impression ever.)

Get to Phoenix early, check in and am told that the woman who was supposed to change my reservation from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3 on Sat did not and I have to haul ass to the other terminal to catch the shuttle. Asshole shuttle driver in gave me crap randomly.

Get to Tucson and just want to get in my car and go home. Turn the key and notice my gas light is on. Odd, I just put $20 in the tank on friday right before I left. But ok, whatever.

Pull out and notice a large dark stain on the asphalt that was under my car. Remember that it was not there when I pulled in. Pull out of the parking lot and start down the road... and my car stutters and dies.

Call Neil to come help me out, in the meantime spend 40 min or so sitting in 104 degree heat, no shade to be had except for when I sit in my car. Which is approximately the temp of the surface of the sun due to the aforementioned ridiculously high heat and complete and total lack of any breeze.

FINALLY make it home. All I want is a shower and a nap. As I push back the shower curtain, the whole fucking thing comes crashing down on my head, curtains and rod and all. Fucking HELL. Also, why did I buy a shower rod that weighs almost the same as a 1 year old baby??

So yeah. Game over. Lisa is going to crawl into bed and put on The Philadelphia Story and pretend that nothing exists past the borders of my bed.

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