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Ok, this is a fan-ish mishmash of things, you have been warned.  

First off... Dear Justified, there are no words to express how happy I am to have you back on my tv.  Art and his Marshall stiffie, Tim and his razor sharp sarcasm, Raylan and his everything.  It is my happy place.  And Boyd?  Please pontificate some more,becaus damn.  

Just saw this on Tumblr and I am not sure what to think about it.  But Fallout Boy are scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel on Feb 13.  Or at least that is what his guest lineup says.  (http://www.interbridge.com/lineups.html#JKL)  And yeah.  After all the Keltie BS I figured it was just another attempt to get the fans riled up, but... Jimmy Kimmel.  And I am so afraid to believe it until Pete or Patrick confirm it, but dear gods, please.  After everything Bandom has been through lately, please.  *flails*

Both Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness are killing me regularly AND THEY DON"T EVEN COME OUT UNTIL MAY.  The latest IM3 poster triggered a massive capslock texting frenzy and an interview with JJ about Trek caused actual trouble keeping my shit intact.  Must figure out how to be near fangirls when these come out.  I am not entirely sure we will get out of May alive.

White Collar.  OH EL,  Putting the rest under a cut because I don't want to spoil you. )
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So yeah... guess who just booked her tickets to London today? *happy dances*

Now to save some pennies so that I can eat and things of that nature while I'm there...
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Ok, so yeah... went to the midnight screening of Avengers last night. NGL, it was freaking awesome and I have all kinds of feels.

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Just in case you haven't seen it... new extended Avengers trailer.

And some gratuitous flailing and a truly ridic amount of capslock.... )

Why isn't it May yet?
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Just finished watching The Reichenbach Fall. OMG ALL THE FEELS IN ALL OF CREATION. ALL OF THEM. Martin fucking Freeman is just amazing, he broke my heart so many times over in this one. Benedict was too, but seriously, Martin blew it out of the fucking water.

So emotional right now. And kind of drunk, lol.

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Ok, so the Avengers trailer was released today ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zatgnqdIefs if you haven't seen it yet/want to watch it again and again and again) and I just can't stop flailing over it.

Things that induced dolphin noises:

- LOKI! All badass and misunderstood! *pets him*

- Thor looking all woobie! HUGE pic below, cut to spare your flist ) Also? Jebus but that man's ARMS.

- Cap and Tony arguing, with bonus Tony snark!

- TONY! My love for Robert Downey Jr/Iron Man is ridiculous but can you blame me when he looks like this??? )

Seriously, I am so emotionally involved in this movie it's prolly not healthy. But man... the cast is just spot on and based on the Iron Man/Cap America/Thor movies, Marvel is just hitting this one out of the ballpark. And then add in Joss as the director? I am wibbling already and praying that he doesn't decide to rip our hearts out and stomp on them. *laugh*

(Caps yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] rawr_caps... thank you so much!)


May. 21st, 2011 10:47 am
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Stuck in bed today, fever and massive coughing fit every time I move at all means lots of not moving for Lisa. So lots of time to surf the interwebs and I just stumbled across this image from the the set of the Dark Knight Returns. And can I just say that OMG I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!!!

Have a teaser...

Clicky for full size HD version of image )

(Now please dear gods, let Selena Kyle look half as amazing and I would really love to see the Bane storyline carried out since this is supposed to be the final Nolan Batman film... but yes, Lisa is excite!)
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I'm waiting for my laundry to finish so I can get my packing done. Tomorrow I am having an early Thanksgiving with my family and then heading to the airport to catch a flight to Vegas. I'll be meeting up with Sarah and Natalie and there will be a long weekend of fun and adventures and I am so freaking ready I can't even tell you. I miss my girls like crazy, its been too damn long.

To everyone heading to London for the Vampire Ball, or just to family or friends to celebrate the holiday, safe travels and I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I won't be back until late Monday night, but I am sure there will be stories to tell when I return. ;)
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Ok, so today? Not so much win. But the last half hour or so has totally made up for it.

So this won't make sense to anyone but me and her, but I got to read more of [livejournal.com profile] caarirose's Pictures2words story and it is fantastic and wonderful and OMG just wait.

Then? This appears on the Christian Kane's website:
Thats right... KANE show to end the ConCon weekend!

And finally... [livejournal.com profile] caarirose sends me a link to this: Blood Into Wine
Maynard James Keenan is known as the front man for Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer. In the mid-1990’s, on a whim, the reclusive rock star left Los Angeles and moved to an Arizona ghost town (population 300). A wine enthusiast, Keenan began to envision a world class wine region on the Verde Valley’s craggy slopes and with wine mentor Eric Glomski (former David Bruce winemaker and current owner of the award-winning Page Springs Cellars), Keenan began the long road to bringing credibility and notoriety to Caduceus and Arizona Stronghold Vineyards amidst wine industry prejudice and the harsh Arizona terrain. Take a look inside the life of one of rock music’s most mysterious figures.

Apparently the original link didn't work... so here is the link to the trailer.

And here is the (fucking fantastic) poster to go with it:

\o/ \o/ \o/
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OMG you guys! 26 hours and I will be on a plane flying to Denver!! *bounces*

Of course I haven't been able to do a damn thing yet since I've been down sick, but that is what tonight after work is for, right? :D

So... I need to pack, obvs. Which has become much more difficult based on the weather forecast for Denver. I live in Arizona. Where the average "winter" temp is in the low 60's. Denver's predicted low this weekend? 25. Yes. TWENTY FIVE degrees. The highs are mostly in the 40's and 50's thru Monday, and oh yeah.. there is a slight possibility of SNOW. Excuse me while I cry for a moment o.O This is going to require some creative packing on my part, and pulling out my "Chicago" coat, lol. But hey, I don't need to leave the hotel that much, right? *grin*

I also need to hit the bank and grab some cash for the weekend, as well as Walgreens for some odds and ends oh and dinner like foods would be good.

I need to dye my hair again, because I am a vain woman and my grey is getting too blatant for me to ignore, lol.

And then with my copious free time after that, I would like to try and finish up some damn writing.

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Heading off to try and go to sleep. Get up at the asscrack of dawn tomorrow to take the shuttle up to Phx for my flight to Portland. *flails* Spending the weekend with amara_m and canadiangoddess and whichever other fangirls show up and THEN.... KANE AND CARLSON!!!!!!!!

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