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There will be an update post soonish on the state of Lisa, but I am really just not up to that right now, so instead, you get a concert review :)

Last week I got to go see Fun. perform at the Rialto here in town, and gods, it was prolly the best night of the year so far. )

Finally, have I mentioned that I have a new camera and am totally in love with it? Cause yeah... to give you an idea why, let me show you 2 pictures.

First - cell phone pic from the balcony so you can see how far away from the stage we were:

Click to embiggen

Next - a shot taken FROM THE EXACT SAME SPOT with my digital, zoomed all the way out with the standard lens that came with it:

Click to embiggen
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2 weeks on the phones are finally over. Sadly I only get a week's reprieve before I have to go back for the October filing deadline. But then I'm done until Mid January. We just won't discuss how well or not I'm coping with the return to the phones...


In about an hour and a half I am heading to the airport to catch a flight to Vegas for the Kane weekend of awesome. Gonna catch the boys show tomorrow night and get a chance to spend some quality time with my girls. Short trip, I am back home Saturday night, but it should be awesome.

And to carry me through the 3 hellish weeks on the phones for the next deadline, I have the thoughts of New Orleans and a visit from [livejournal.com profile] caarirose and Kane show up in Phoenix with Cari and N-squared and whoever else we can drag along with us. *bounces*

I hope everyone has a great weekend *hugs*
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Sadly these are the last pics of the Summer of Kane.

Again, using my little point and shoot Coolpix, but actually got some decent shots.

Large-ish pics below cut, lots of them. Have a teaser:

Boys of summer... )
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Yes, I know, I am leaving tomorrow to go to the final Kane show of the summer and I am just now posting my pics. I suck at life sometimes. :)

Anyways, I'm not gonna do a review since it has been covered by others and I'm technically at work and posting on my lunch to begin, so I won't have enough time to write much more than captions. But I figure its a good way to get me (even more) psyched up for the show this weekend and gives people some new pretty to look at to tide them over. ::grin::


Here be pretty, pretty things... )
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Ok, so I already posted my review, and now I finally made it through my pics and did some editing to make them as pretty as I could. Most of these are reddish, some are completely red... I color corrected as best I could, but those damn lights at Dante's just killed me.

Also, be aware that there are somewhere around 40 pics below the cut, most of them around 800x600 or somewhere in that neighborhood. So yeah, IMAGE HEAVY!


A teaser pic...

Let me go... take me with you baby... )

There are a few more that I didn't post here on my Flickr account. Or you can just skip this entry and view them there.
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Eeeee! Just found out that Combichrist is going to be playing The Rock here in town on the 17th!

Don't know how the hell I missed this before. But I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO there. I have managed to be out of the entire damn state the last 4 tours that they have come to AZ, and now I get to see them without having to drive to Phoenix.

Did I mention the part where I am SO F-ING EXCITED? ::grin::

Totally just made my day!

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