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Since I'm in a posting kind of mood... I have been to see three movies recently and figured I'd babble about them a little.

First up at bat, Magic Mike... )

Next up is The Amazing Spider-man, which thematically is prolly about as far from Magic Mike on the spectrum as you can get, lol. )

Finally we have Prometheus... )

Ok, so that was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY wordier than I thought it would be. *laughs*
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There will be an update post soonish on the state of Lisa, but I am really just not up to that right now, so instead, you get a concert review :)

Last week I got to go see Fun. perform at the Rialto here in town, and gods, it was prolly the best night of the year so far. )

Finally, have I mentioned that I have a new camera and am totally in love with it? Cause yeah... to give you an idea why, let me show you 2 pictures.

First - cell phone pic from the balcony so you can see how far away from the stage we were:

Click to embiggen

Next - a shot taken FROM THE EXACT SAME SPOT with my digital, zoomed all the way out with the standard lens that came with it:

Click to embiggen
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Ok, so another post with no content whatsoever... but I can't help it. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was on Craig Ferguson last night and he just fucking kills me whenever he is on that show. They are so funny and adorable together, I want an entire show every week where they just chat.

Last night featured Jeff BLUSHING (around 7:30 or so) talk of boners and an uncanny Elmo impression...

(In case the embed doesn't work, link: http://youtu.be/ksDQKmArrtk)

If you are interested in some of his prior appearances... and you SO should be, more under the cut )
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So Brandi and I took the babies to the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) parade downtown last night. We started taking them last year, and plan on going every year with them. It's a wonderful celebration of life, and an excellent way to remember and honor those who have died.

I didn't take this video, but it's a great glimpse of what the parade is like. And yes, even though this part features pipers, we have mariachi bands and drum lines and New Orleans jazz bands and everything in between playing as well.

(Link in case the embed doesn't work : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROtgLKTEtys
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Ok, so the Avengers trailer was released today ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zatgnqdIefs if you haven't seen it yet/want to watch it again and again and again) and I just can't stop flailing over it.

Things that induced dolphin noises:

- LOKI! All badass and misunderstood! *pets him*

- Thor looking all woobie! HUGE pic below, cut to spare your flist ) Also? Jebus but that man's ARMS.

- Cap and Tony arguing, with bonus Tony snark!

- TONY! My love for Robert Downey Jr/Iron Man is ridiculous but can you blame me when he looks like this??? )

Seriously, I am so emotionally involved in this movie it's prolly not healthy. But man... the cast is just spot on and based on the Iron Man/Cap America/Thor movies, Marvel is just hitting this one out of the ballpark. And then add in Joss as the director? I am wibbling already and praying that he doesn't decide to rip our hearts out and stomp on them. *laugh*

(Caps yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] rawr_caps... thank you so much!)
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2 weeks on the phones are finally over. Sadly I only get a week's reprieve before I have to go back for the October filing deadline. But then I'm done until Mid January. We just won't discuss how well or not I'm coping with the return to the phones...


In about an hour and a half I am heading to the airport to catch a flight to Vegas for the Kane weekend of awesome. Gonna catch the boys show tomorrow night and get a chance to spend some quality time with my girls. Short trip, I am back home Saturday night, but it should be awesome.

And to carry me through the 3 hellish weeks on the phones for the next deadline, I have the thoughts of New Orleans and a visit from [livejournal.com profile] caarirose and Kane show up in Phoenix with Cari and N-squared and whoever else we can drag along with us. *bounces*

I hope everyone has a great weekend *hugs*
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Sorry about the delay in getting this up... real life has been playing hardball this week. But here we go :)

SINTE masterpost )
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Yep, still alive. Tax season sucks and people are stupid, blah blah blah.

But, I went to the Renaissance Festival yesterday and had a fantastic time and bought the sparkliest spider bracelet you have ever seen. )This made me incredibly happy.

Today I have been the laziest woman alive, basically doing the absolute minimum that I *needed* to and mostly napping and reading and watching tv, and it has also been wonderful.

Quick signal boost for [livejournal.com profile] dollars4dreams which has been re-purposed again and is looking for people willing to donate items for people to bid on, and of course for people willing to bid on said items. Due to the time of year I can't offer anything up this time around, I barely have the time to keep myself sane, but I do have overtime pay coming in so I hope to be able to win something this time around. Full details are up on the comm and even if you can't offer/bid, even a signal boost would be great to get the word out to help one of our own.

Basically I have nothing of substance to post, I am tired of whinging and I just wanted to show off my sparkly new bracelet, lol.
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Ok, so here we go :D

General Info
First off, all the prompts are coming from the super awesome tumblr Sex is not the enemy, and that is the inspiration for this ficathon in the first place.

Also I am shamelessly stealing this idea from [livejournal.com profile] villainny who hosted this last year and I only found out about it too late by clicking on a link from a friends journal, but I thought it was fantastic and have been wanting to hold one of my own ever since.

How it works
As for how it works, you comment here with the info I ask for below, and in return, I'll provide you an image prompt from the Sex is Not the Enemy tumblr. You will then write a story of at least 500 words inspired by the image and post it on your LJ/Dreamwidth/AO3/website and post a link here in a comment. (If you wish, once you have completed your story, you may ask for another prompt.) On Feb 13 I will collect everyone's completed prompts and post a master list.

You can write your prompt in any fandom that you wish, including original fiction. I do ask that you keep the genders the same as in the original image ie: if you receive an image of a woman astride a man, you write a story with a woman and a man in it. However, feel free to swap the roles/positions at will ie: the man is astride the woman wearing a strap on.

Sign ups will be open from now until Feb. 13th, and you can post your responses until the 13th as well if you wish to be included in the master post that goes up on the 14th. If you don't make it by then, well I'd still love to see what you come up with and you can link your finished story here at any post and I'll update the master post as fic comes in. This is very much a no harm, no foul ficathon. ;)

Sign ups
Still interested? Copy and Paste this into your comment below; delete anything that you aren't interested in writing.

If you change your mind after you have written a prompt, then you can sign up again with a new comment.

Participants: Solo - Two - Threesome - Group Sex
Sex: Male - Female - Male/Male - Male/Female - Female/Female - Male/Male/Female - Female/Female/Male - Male/Male/Male - Female/Female/Female - Male group - Female group - Mixed group
Nudity: No Nudity - Implied Nudity - Some Nudity - Full Nudity
Level of Intimacy: Bodily contact - Kissing - Implied sex - Full sex

Any quetions? Ask them below and I'll do my best to figure out an answer for you *grin*

Oh, and please feel free to spread the word on this one, I think the more people that play the more fun for all of us. I'm gonna try and come up with a little banner today, but I've got to work so we'll see. Now with 3 banners below the cut... )
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I'm waiting for my laundry to finish so I can get my packing done. Tomorrow I am having an early Thanksgiving with my family and then heading to the airport to catch a flight to Vegas. I'll be meeting up with Sarah and Natalie and there will be a long weekend of fun and adventures and I am so freaking ready I can't even tell you. I miss my girls like crazy, its been too damn long.

To everyone heading to London for the Vampire Ball, or just to family or friends to celebrate the holiday, safe travels and I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I won't be back until late Monday night, but I am sure there will be stories to tell when I return. ;)
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Don't forget that tonight at 9p EST is the cut off for signing up for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide! Several "popular" fandoms included this year (Leverage, Burn Notice, White Collar, Zombieland) as well as those rare *coughPhiladelphiaStorycough* ones that make Yuletide so fun.

Miscellaneous ramblings about tv, my birthday and mini Nano under the cut.

... and we're all stuck inside his wacky Broadway nightmare )
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Ok, so this week has pretty much blew chunks, but today has turned around nicely.  I submit the following as evidence:

Item # 1 - Supernatural!  Boys are back tonight!!! I am fighting capslocks of glee people,  BOYS!!

Item # 2 - Depeche Mode is going on tour, they are going to Phoenix in August and tickets go on sale on Saturday.  Guess what I will be doing on Saturday?  Damn Straight.  Thus far I have managed to miss them every other damn time they have come anywhere near me and I *will* see them this time come hell or high water.

Item # 3 - I have 2 WEEKEND DAYS OFF!!!! Two. Weekend. Days. Off. Like in a row and everything.  I was about to sign out of Satan's phone support the phones today and got an IM from Josh, who needs to get out early on Monday.  So he said he would take my shift on Sat if I would work his closing shift Mon... I think I typed yes before his IM finished fulling rendering on my screen.  I am delerious.  I may just spend the whole of saturday after I buy my DM tickets sleeping....

And in conclusion... YAY!!!

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