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Snowflake challenge day 2 is to rec fanworks that you did not create yourself.  

This is always a hard one for me to narrow things down to just a few recs but I love long fic, so I figured I'd go with some of my fave longer stories.. and first one that came to my mind this year was Needs Must by thatotherperv (Suits)

Now you don't actually have to know anything about Suits to enjoy this one, but oh, it is a beautiful Dom/Sub story that just... I never wanted it to end.  So many D/s or BDSM fics focus on the physical aspect of the relationship and it's all kneeling and hand cuffs and spreader bars and there isn't any emotion in them.  This story is ALL about the emotions.  It's about getting into both their heads and it just kills me in the best possible way.  

I've been reading a LOT of Teen Wolf fic lately, and I hate to rec a WIP, but it's currently sitting at ~57k of words so if you read slow maybe it will work?  IDK, but I love, love, love it and I jump whenever i see there is an update.  It's Prince Among Wolves by tylerfucklin

It's a slight AU, Derek and Scott are still werewolves and Stiles is still human, but in a world where the Hale fire never happened and basically the entire show has not happened.  Stiles is hired to be babysitter to Derek's kids and there is so much UST I seriously just want to yell at them both at times.  Great characterization and even though it's kidfic, it's not gratuitous.  

Umm, IDK why I thought of this one, but yeah.  Filling the Niche by Stella_Lost (Hawaii Five-O 2010)

Can there be such a thing as a romantic glory hole fic?  I think this is prolly the closest you will ever find.  

And finally, a tiny fandom rec... Lies to Buy Myself Some Time by k8andrewz (The Unusuals)

Great characterization and spot on dialogue.  Same quirky feel of the tv show. Makes me want to go back and rail at the network all over again for cancelling it.  

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